Is Saving Money on Your Roof Worth It?

People can save a hefty chunk of change by doing their roof repairs on their own. However, is it really worth it? That may seem like a odd question to ask. Isn’t it always better to save money? Normally, the answer would be yes. However, there are other factors to consider than purely the money savings. Roofing repairs and installations are dangerous.

Video Source

There is no way around it. Sure, you can use a harness and special shoes. At the end of the day, you are still potentially many stories above the ground, working on an inclined surface, and unprotected from the wind and rain. In this video, you will see a few instances of particularly dangerous roofing scenarios. While your scenario may not be as dangerous as in these clips, the dangers of doing roofing yourself should definitely way into your decision. It may be better to hire an experienced roofing contractor instead.

Snow is the worst enemy of roofers. It accumulates on their work area and makes the surfaces slick. Even after snow has stopped falling, it must be cleared off the roof to continue working. However, this presents a danger. In one video clip, you can see a few roofers working on clearing out the snow. However, the whole sheet of snow becomes dislodged and slides down the side of the roof. It catches the roofers on the way down and brings them to the ground as well. They were lucky that they landed in a snow pile.