Looking for Money Tips? Look No Further Than Martin Lewis

Money expert

When looking to start saving money, it is no easy task to undergo all on your own. Often times the best way to get the savings ball rolling is by seeking the assistance of a money expert. Think of a money saving expert as a personal trainer, just for your wallet. You are far more likely to keep going to the gym and stick to your workout routine if you have someone there keeping an eye on your results and leading you in the right direction.

It is easy to eat a quart of ice cream and skip the gym three weeks in a row if you are not being held accountable by anyone but yourself. It is easy to make excuses on your own. Much harder when someone is holding high expectations for you. Think of your money savings expert as holding those high financial expectations for you. And instead of eating a quart of ice cream, it is going on a shopping spree.

If the thought of hiring someone to help you with your finances makes you cringe a little, maybe start out with some simple tips that you can find online. Start by looking for help from recognized finance experts, like Martins Money Tips. One of my favorite articles from Martins Money Tips is the first three tips he will give to his daughter.

1. Why There Is Candy at the Check Out

To make the supermarket money. Plain and simple. They know people will buckle and buy that one last thing for half a buck. 50 cents is nothing. It cannot hurt. But it can add up and it is our job to resist the temptation.

2. Spent Money Is Spent

A lesson in self control and saving. If you want something expensive that requires you to save up for it, then you cannot be buying the cheap little things every week. Your money will never add up. Delayed gratification is key here. A good lesson to teach with allowances.

3. Sometimes There Is No Right Answer, Just the Lesser of Many Evils

Will it be worth going to college? Are the mortgage payments actually possible? Is it worth paying that extra hundred just to get a screen that is a few inches bigger, if you do not actually need it? If you can handle things financially, maybe the investment is worth it. But it can snowball and get out of control.

Learning to be financially stable early on is a great way to handle your money for the rest of your life. Unfortunately sometimes no one teaches us, and we have to learn on our own when we are 30 and up to our eyeballs in debt. But, with helpful tricks like Martins Money Tips, we can learn to recover and save, and be better off financially for the rest of our lives.