Protect the Assets of Your Business with Safe Cheques

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The earliest cheques date back to before 1000 AD and were used by Eastern Mediterranean merchants. Because they were written documents instructing a financial institution to make a payment to the cheque holder, they were similar to the Davis and Henderson cheques available today. Although many Canadian cheques will have different designs and and overall different look than the originals, they are the most common form of the “bill of exchange,” which is an order made by one person to another to pay money to a third individual. Because they can be so vital to the sales process, businesses would be wise to utilize Davis and Henderson cheques.

Payroll is important to businesses because it is the sum of all financial records including wages, salaries, bonuses, and deductions. Since they help maintain payroll accuracy, Davis and Henderson cheques can be very valuable to a company. Although it might not seem complicating, ordering cheques can be a bit tricky for many businesses. Because they are all unique, and will have different needs and goals, there might not be one set of Davis and Henderson cheques right for everyone. While some might want laser cheques, others might prefer more personalized cheques. Whatever the case, the right ones can be very beneficial.

Properly using and organizing Davis and Henderson cheques is a good way to prevent fraud. Cheque fraud consists of stealing cheques from people or businesses, altering some of the details, and then cashing them. It can be harmful, but cheque fraud is preventable by using Davis and Henderson cheques that are printed on secure cheque stock. This can help businesses be sure that their finances stay safe.