Protect Yourself From the Next Economic Disaster

Money expert

In the wake of the Great Recession that began in December 2007, millions of people lost their jobs, and the repercussions of the Recession can still be felt today. While Americans have been gradually returning to work since early 2010, the majority of the new jobs are low paying service jobs; and it appears that a significant portion of the mid level jobs that were lost as a result of the Recession may have gone away for good.

Although the U.S. Government, Wall Street, automakers, and banks have all been blamed for causing the recession, the fact is, no single entity is responsible for the economic collapse that put 7.9 million additional Americans out of work. But if anyone or anything must shoulder the blame, it is the spending habits of average Americans. It is simple common sense, but if people would have lived within their means, it is likely that a recession could have been prevented.

For better or worse, living within a capitalist society can be tempting and dangerous. It is easy for anyone with a moderately decent credit rating to get approved for a credit card; and it is even easier to “run up” those credit cards. You do not have to be a money expert like Martin Lewis to see what happens when credit becomes a habit. Debtors cannot pay their bills, end up defaulting on payments, and some will have no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

However, a money saving expert can help individuals to adopt smart money habits, which will allow them to enjoy life, while living within their means. The fact is, too many people make do not budget their money properly, and make matters worse by making rash spending decisions. Martins money saving tips can provide consumers with simple ways to save money on everything from groceries to auto insurance to energy costs. The money expert will even help people balance and pay off existing credit card debt.

Despite talk of a supposed “recovery,” unemployment remains high in 2013. Instead of earning the 40,000 to 75,000 dollar salaries they did in their former careers, many underemployed workers have no choice but to work two or three part time jobs make thousands of dollars less each year. For those with formidable debt, paying their bills can seem impossible.

In order to avoid become a victim of a recession, unemployment, or other financial catastrophe, everyone needs to strive to become a money expert. It is unlikely that they will ever become the next Martin Lewis, but they can protect themselves and their families from any economic hardship that might come their way.