Are You Shopping Around for Deals? Three Tips for Saving Money

Money saving expert

Did you know that only 25 percent of people have an emergency fund that could cover at least six months worth of expenses? Studies also show that, similarly, one in four people do not have any money saved at all. You want to do as much as you can with the money you have, and that is why you should check out these money saving expert tips we found on the Martin Lewis forum.

1. Take a Second Look at Your Monthly Expenditures

Money saving experts point out that many people can realistically get rid of their landline phone. Landline holdouts like having a phone line for the whole family, but in many cases it is cheaper to just add on one cell phone to the family plan than pay for separate phone service. Did you know that switching up your cable, phone and internet bundle can often save you money without reducing the services you receive? There are many websites that crawl through local cable and internet deals and present consumers with the best combinations possible.

2. Save in the Supermarket

Everyone needs groceries, and studies show that groceries account for about 9 percent of family budgets. If you are looking for money supermarket savings, one easy tip is to compare products by weight, rather than simply by price. One ice cream might seem like the better deal, but it is actually twice as expensive by weight, a detail that might not be apparent when one just looks at the price and packaging. Money experts advise making a list of what you need before you go to the store, so you will not be tempted to buy marketing ploy products placed in attractive locations.

3. Shop Around

Money saving experts advise trying out the Amazon discount finder, but point out that sometimes you can undercut the lowest price this mega retailer is offering by doing a wider sweep of online offerings. Simply plugging in the item name to Ebay or just an online search can sometimes net you savings of 10 percent or more. Even when you plan to buy a product in store, check online first to see which place is offering the overall better deal.