Dinars to Dollars

Iraqi dinar exchange rate

The Iraq currency called “dinar,” was at par with the British pound until 1959. The National Bank of Iraq issued banknotes beginning in 1947. By 1954, the Central Bank of Iraq began issuing banknotes. Today, dinars are an exotic form of currency because Iraq’s main export, which is oil, is in dollars. Currency exchange rates change periodically and finding information about dinars to dollars is a process that requires some research online. Back in 2012, dinars to dollars involved 1 dollar equaling 1,200 dinars. It was not until 1991 when dinars became available in 50s and 100s. By 1995, 250 dinars notes were available.

The Central Bank of Iraq started issuing 10,000 dinars notes in 2002. Before buying Iraqi dinars, be sure to keep up to date with the latest information about dinars to dollars. The exchange rate changes every day and investors pay attention to plenty of investment sites before buying Iraqi dinar. While reviewing rates for dinars to dollars, be sure to ask a few questions about how Iraqi currancy will be sold and shipped. Read reviews from other buyers and investors before buying Iraqi currency and always make sure you know how much dinars to dollars are worth at all times.