How Much Does Assisted Living Cost Compared to In Home Care?

The majority of today’s Americans will have to be placed in long-term care. It’s important to understand and consider the costs of assisted living facilities compared to those of long-term care facilities. This video explains the costs of both and highlights the benefits of receiving care at home.

It’s assumed that in-home care will always cost more than care at an assisted-living facility. This assumption ignores the fact that care requirements differ from one person to another, and an individualized approach will make more sense for a person than a base or standard level of care provided at a facility.

Video Source

The presenter notes that the costs associated with an assisted-living facility can vary greatly depending on the location and the services provided. She suggests that the best way for someone to live as they age is at home in a familiar environment with accessible care. Someone looking for local long-term care can meet with a caring designer at Nurse Next Door to discuss needs and budget to get a tailored plan for care. You may be surprised to find that in-home care can actually be cheaper or better value than care provided at an assisted-living facility.