Tips For How Bail Bonds Work

Have you heard of a bail bond? This term refers to a form of surety bond provided by a bail bond company by means of a bail agent or a bail bondsman. This bond secures the release of a defendant from jail.

There are two kinds of bail bonds. One is the criminal bail bond. It is used for criminal cases and it ensures that a defendant shall appear for the court trial when summoned and it guarantees payment for any fines or penalties that are decided against the defendant.

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The other type of bail bond is the civil bail bond. It is used in civil cases and guarantees the payment of the debt, including the interests and costs, based on the assessment against the defendant of the case. Both are considered to be immediate bail bonds.

The way a bail bond works are quite simple, conceptually. The keyword here is the guarantee it provides, whether it is for a civil or criminal case. These immediate bail bonds are to cover and ensure that the obligations will be met in time and based on the court decision.

To know more about how bail bonds work, watch this video and learn the basics of this transaction.