Selling Items to Pawn Shops

When you want to sell items to a pawnshop, many factors go into the price they offer the customer, as mentioned in the video. If you want to get the best price, be sure to keep your items in good condition and expect to get a lower price than what you paid for your item unless there is a particular circumstance.

Collectible Value

The value of an item may be based on its collectibility. If you have a highly collectible item, it may have a value that fluctuates based on demand or popularity.

Gem Quality or Precious Metal Weight

When you have jewelry to sell to a pawn shop, they usually analyze the raw materials for quality or weight. If you have previous gemstones, they will check for clarity, cut, color, and size.

Video Source

If you have a precious metal like gold, they will weigh it and offer the price for the raw material in most instances. Sometimes, a designer’s name or brand can increase the price of the item you’re selling.

Components of the Item

If your items have more than one part or piece that goes with it, you’ll need to ensure they are all there. Most pawn shops won’t buy things that are incomplete or missing pieces or accessories.


Before going to the pawn shop, set your expectation for a price you’ll agree to with the pawn shop employee. Understand that you won’t usually get the same amount of money you originally paid, and keep all pieces of an item to present to the pawn shop. If you follow these tips, you’ll likely have a better experience.