Six Ways To Use A Presentation To Woo Private Money Lenders

If you’re got drive, desire and a can’t-miss plan for selling real estate, there’s no limit to what you might accomplish. The biggest obstacle you might face? The need for money, the need for a reliable source of capital. No matter what business you’re in, how much desire you have or what your idea is, you’re going to need money. So what can you do? One option you’ve got is reaching out to private money lenders for real estate.

If you’re wondering what private money lenders are, they’re usually non-traditional individuals or companies that loan out money. Non-traditional means that these individuals or companies don’t work for banks, so private money lenders loan money on more of a relationship-type basis and money is secured by a deed of trust. This stands in contrast to hard money lenders, who require assets to back up a loan.

For some folks in need of capital, dealing with private money lenders may be their best option. Only 40% of U.S. business owners applied for a loan in 2017, a decrease from the previous year. Regardless, there are private money lenders who are eager to invest and more then willing to do so. One of the easiest ways you can woo private money lenders for real estate is with an effective presentation, which will draw them in and really show them what you have to offer.

Here’s how you can pull off the perfect investment presentation:

  • Have charisma: If you’re passionate about your real estate idea, use your presentation as a chance to let your passion shine through. You want to make sure you’re not too cocky, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with being confident. Showing confidence will help private money lenders for real estate believe in what you’re doing and can help sway folks who may not be sure of your business plan.
  • Meet in-person: It seems like these days people try to find every excuse not to meet face-to-face. Whether it’s through texting or Skype or even e-mail, technology has certainly had an effect on the way companies conduct business. This may be the new way of doing things, but sometimes the old ways work too. That means meeting a potential investor or investors face-to-face. This allows both sides to get an impression of one another, which is essential since this type of lending is based on relationship-based. Putting in the time to meet investors face-to-face shows them you’re serious and willing to do everything you can to be successful.
  • Read the room: When you’re giving a presentation, you have to know how to read the room. You want to talk in language and terms they understand and give them all the information they need to make a decision about you.
  • Don’t come off desperate: There’s no doubt that being successful in business is hard work, but when you’re giving your presentation, you don’t want to come off as desperate. Desperation or the appearance of desperation can give private money lenders for real estate pause and you definitely don’t want to give them the wrong impression about you or your real estate plan.
  • Use numbers to your advantage: One thing that can really send your presentation over the top is to have numbers to back up the points you’re trying to make. You can be as confident as you want, but some private money lenders want to see the numbers to make sure you’re telling the truth. Use numbers to your advantage and use them to help reinforce all the bullet points you’re trying to hit.
  • Make sure to listen: While you might be the center of attention as you give a presentation, you also want to make sure that you listen too. Leave time to answer any questions private money lenders have and really listen to their concerns. They’re taking time to listen to you, so make sure you listen to them as well.

By showing confidence and allowing your passion to shine through during a face-to-face presentation, you can show private money lenders that your business and your business idea is something to be a part of and something worth investing in.