What is the Cost of a New Roof

So you’re planning for a roof replacement project, and you still have no idea about the cost of getting your roof replaced. Understandably, if you’re not in the roofing or construction industry, you probably have no idea about what it would cost you to replace your roof. That said, you need to consider having a roof replacement contractor to help you.

Two components would make up the cost of replacing a roof:

1. Labor

How steep the roofing is would affect the cost. If it’s steep enough and makes it difficult to walk on, or you have to use ropes when working according to your roof replacement contractor’s assessment, then that will add a lot to the cost.

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Also, the level of difficulty for the installation adds to the labor costs when penetrations come through like vents, pipes, and things like that, which will add to the cost because it takes a lot of expertise.

2. Materials

The roof replacement contractor would check the majority of the roofing. If it only had one layer, the materials would not be too many. However, if there are multiple layers, that would add tremendously to the cost.

This is because you’re not only paying for the labor for tearing off the old roofing, but you’re also going to pay for the trailer or dumpster to dispose of the materials.