Your Savings Made Simple Checklist

You’ve probably learned the importance of saving countless times. It may have been through your parents, teachers (even the ones you don’t like), friends, or strangers on the street. While that part is clear, few people will sit with you and have an in-depth convo about how to save. So, to bridge that gap, here’s a savings made simple checklist to get you started.

1. Ask Your Vet if Pet Insurance Is Available

While your furry friends offer invaluable affection and love, caring for and providing for them leaves a noticeable dent in your wallet. That’s why many people get pet insurance to help cover ownership costs. According to studies done by ASPCA(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), owning a cat costs $1,149, while owning a dog costs $1,391 per year.

Pet insurance may save you money when your pet becomes ill unexpectedly, prompting a trip to animal clinics or other costly treatment. Purchasing pet insurance premiums as part of your savings made simple checklist will prevent you from blowing your budget. Pet insurance, like human health insurance, allows you to acquire a policy, pay premiums, and file insurance claims for vet care coverage.

Following the approval of your claim, the pet insurance provider reimburses a percentage of the vet fee, with the possibility of a deductible. To decrease the cost of pet insurance, ensure you get the correct coverage, as different pet insurance policies cover different types of pet care. You can select accident-only coverage, wellness coverage, or accident and sickness coverage, which covers illness treatment, including cancer, and accident injuries such as eating poison or being hit by a car.

2. Only Visit a Dentist Who Accepts Your Insurance

If you want to do some tight budgeting to stretch your dollars far enough to cater to other things, getting a dental service from a dental clinic that accepts insurance is a great tip for savings made simple. Depending on the kind of treatment you need and how much the insurance pays in dental premiums, it is important to note that dental insurance policies can differ from person to person. Usually, a standard dental insurance company will cover 100% of your preventive care, 80% for basic or restorative services, and 50% for major services.

Preventive care includes cleanings, exams, x-rays, and children’s fluoride. In contrast, restorative services include root canals, fillings, and deep dental cleanings. Primary services include dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Notably, your dental insurance has a maximum amount of as low as $1,000, which they pay annually. Despite dental treatment’s increased costs, this amount has been constant. However, some insurance policies have higher annual limits, which typically means paying higher premiums.

You must know where you stand as a patient to decipher if your dental insurance company can save you money. Whether you take routine dental visits with minimal treatments, have a cavity every six months, or have a range of dental problems, you will save money by looking for a dental clinic that accepts dental insurance. Notably, suppose you suffer dental anxiety and are afraid to make dental visits. In that case, the problems become more intense, painful, and expensive, which can take away your entire annual dental benefits.

3. Compare Pricing First When Choosing Professional Pavers

When choosing a professional paver for your paving services, checking online is a great place to start. Note at least 3 to 4 paving contractors and compare their prices as part of your savings made simple checklist. Avoid adding general contractors to your list and focus on contractors that strictly deal with paving.

Unless you plan to do multiple projects, you want pavement specialists to do the project and maximize their expertise in that field. General contractors may be expensive and don’t necessarily have expertise and skills in the paving industry. It’s essential to scrutinize the paver contractors you choose before hiring them for the job.

Check with the Contractor State License Board for the paver contractor license and insurance. Ensure their licenses and insurance are up to date. Visit the Better Business Bureau to check for reviews, as they usually post unresolved issues and complaints from clients. Other sources you need to check for review are Yelp and Angie’s List; the standard and fast search engine for your research is Google.

Ensure that you get a reliable paving company; usually, the manufacturers who inspect their work can point out and recommend professionals. These manufacturers own specific standards and give awards for meeting their highest standards. Also, check the paving contractors’ authentic badges from their websites and brochures, usually on the right side. Get free estimates of the contractor you like and compare their prices as a way of savings made simple.

4. Inquire About the Costs of Installing a Garage Door Before Hiring Someone

Finding the right contractors to fix your garage door is essential. Usually, getting a professional contractor may be expensive, but garage doors are heavy, oversized, and potentially hazardous. Ensure that the contractor you hire knows what they’re doing. Narrow your choices and settle for a company that will do the job correctly on the first try.

Find out the number of years the garage company you choose has been in business. Although an inexperienced garage door installer may be cost-friendly, you don’t want them doing a lousy job. Choose an experienced contractor and make sure their address is correct, too. This will ensure you have accountability. Ignore them if they can’t provide their valid business address, as this means they’ll likely do a slapdash job and disappear with your money.

The paving contractor you choose should provide you with their license and insurance, including references. The contractor needs to show their insurance because if any of the contractors get injured while working on your garage door, you will be held liable for them, which will cost you heavily. You should also get their garage door installation cost estimate in writing to help you hire contractors within your budget as part of your savings made simple checklist. If they need to come and assess your garage door and do an evaluation to give you a cost, allow them.

5. Rent Materials to Complete Landscaping Work Yourself

You can improve your property’s appearance and value by doing landscaping. But the question is if you can do it yourself(DIY). Well, this savings made simple tactic will not only leave you with a few dollars but also give you more control over how your space comes together.

Most landscapers will advise you to use new products on the market and destroy the existing components like decks and fences. Instead, using the same resources, you can upgrade your yard without compromising its appearance. If you need to stump-grind a tree in your yard, you can look for stump grinder rentals and compare their prices to settle for the best offer on the market.

It might be almost impossible to take on the entire landscaping job in your yard, like grinding or stumping a tree, cutting grass, removing weeds, and planting flowers. You can ask friends and family members to help you with some tasks. Taking on the tasks with your loved ones can also lead to bonding and socializing while reducing the cost of hiring a professional landscaper.

6. Hire an Affordable and Reputable Attorney for Inheritance Matters

Hiring a probate lawyer may be a good idea for you and your loved ones, especially if you believe you’re entitled to a share of the inheritance after a loved one dies. There can be disputes or probate litigation when there’s an unequal distribution of assets in a will, accusations of fraud, undue influence, or children’s disagreement, including any other issue. There can also be complex estate and business disagreements, especially if they have tax and legal implications.

Suppose you have an issue with the distribution of business and complex assets. In that case, you should leave it with the lawyer if unaware of the ramifications. Sometimes, you may find that the asset has incurred many debts, and the debt has surpassed the estate’s value. In such a case, you will need an attorney to help you determine the debts that take precedence over the others and their priority. Whichever the case, you need an affordable, qualified, experienced attorney to save you out-of-pocket expenses and headaches as part of your savings made simple efforts. You can ask for referrals from your colleagues, friends, and family, check online, and compare their prices.

7. Start Planning and Saving in Advance for Funerals

We all don’t like discussing or talking about death or funerals. Although we have no control over it, you can make things easier for your family by planning for the kind of send-off you want. It may feel more like a death-obsessed preparation, and that is why only 36% of Americans had written plans or discussed them with their loved ones about their funeral in the 2021 survey conducted by NFDA -National Funeral Directors Association.

Here, savings made simple can involve getting a funeral planning checklist online to compare the prices and choose your preference. There are funeral planning homes that sell a whole package. Make sure you compare their package prices and don’t pay in advance. You can plan but don’t pay in advance as things may take a different direction between the time you pay and the time you die, for instance, dying from another city.

8. Find Experts to Assist You in Negotiating Your Debt Concerns

When it comes to debt repayment or when dealing with a debt collector, it’s important to check if you owe the debt in question, calculate a realistic payment plan, and make a repayment plan, explaining how you plan to offset the debt. Getting an expert to do the debt negotiation on your behalf will help because they can do a lot more for you.

A debt negotiator can help with your savings made simple efforts by helping you apply for repayment arrangements, waivers, or lump sum settlements at a fee. Some of these professionals may charge you a percentage of your debt. In contrast, others may ask for a percentage of what they save you with ongoing fees if they manage payments for you. Debt negotiators who clear the lump sum for you save you from accumulating interest with your lenders, saving you money in return.

9. Work With Professionals Regarding Your Tax Concerns

Tax season elicits many emotions and thoughts, including worry of owing money, anticipation of a refund, procrastination, fear of an IRS audit, unfairness of taxes, disorganization, etc. All of these are natural. The more intricate your tax situation, the more likely you will be concerned. Engaging a competent tax preparer or CPA to offer you tax relief service is essential to assuage your anxiety and lessen your stress.

Tax preparers and expert CPAs usually understand the costly errors you might make. For example, failing to claim a tax credit or exemption, including simple math mistakes and filing under the incorrect status. Hiring an expert decreases the possibility of mistakes, as CPAs must take continued education to keep up with best practices each year. Furthermore, they are continually updated on new rules and regulations relating to your tax position.

10. Have a Good Divorce Lawyer to Assist You Through Financial Difficulties

Because more assets and money are at stake in a high-asset divorce, emotions make the process more difficult. They obstruct the ability to make sensible financial judgments. You may be willing to appease your ex-spouse, depending on your circumstances.

Some people do this to improve the situation or to make amends for faults caused. An attorney with experience in high-asset divorce can be a neutral third party to help you make the best decisions. Working with someone who has no emotional attachment to the situation can help you understand your alternatives and make the best decisions during the divorce process.

When emotions run high, your divorce lawyer will guarantee that you are treated fairly and do not give in to outrageous demands. Finally, high-asset divorce attorneys will assist you in planning for your future financial circumstances. Experienced lawyers have experienced many scenarios and understand how to manage the present while considering the future.

You can implement all these tactics for savings made simple to start your journey. Remember, every coin counts. What seems small today will grow into something substantial over time.